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A Unitive System: Restorative Justice 2020

When Judge Bruce Peterson says in his article below that we all must take responsibility to replace harsh and threatening environments with more nurturing communities, he knows what he is talking about! Judge Peterson introduced Michelle MacDonald, founder of Family Innocence, to Restorative Circles in 2011, helping to implement in her law and mediation practice a Unitive System of Justice. You see, our current system of justice is a “Punitive” one —-top down and compulsory, where those at the top (ie. judge, jury, police, lawyers, teachers, security) assume responsibility for deciding what will happen to those in conflict. In contrast, a Unitive System is equal and voluntary, where those in conflict meet in a safe space to hear each other out and decide what to do about their conflict.  Community and restorative justice practices are worldwide.  Call Michelle MacDonald at 612-554-0932 for information. Michelle is a practicing attorney, and statewide candidate for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, 2020. Thank you Judge Peterson for helping to bring restorative practices to light.  https://www.startribune.com/counterpoint-change-for-african-americans-is-about-more-than-sheer-will/571377982/

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