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Boyd Morson

Boyd Morson is now running to become the 13th Mayor in the City of Brooklyn Park. In the primaries and special Election on April 13th. Boyd has an ambitious giraffe size vision for serving, uniting, and representing a mosaic community. As the most visible face, most careful listener, most credible voice and a direct gateway to the state legislators for first-in-line resources for the mosaic city. People that don’t

have to look like him, be where he is from, speak the same language, or share the same thoughts because its God’s way and the right thing to do. Boyd has been married to his loving wife for 35 years. Together, they were blessed and gifted to

have and raised three loving and caring children, who have since blessed them with 3 equally caring and loving grandchildren. They also are expecting two more arriving in 2021. Together they’ve also adopted a Liberian daughter that lost both parents as a young girl and putting her through college. In 2020 & 2021, he  received many notable accomplishments. He successfully graduated from Family Innocence Restorative Circle Mediation Training; 2021 the League of Minnesota Cities Elected Officials Certification:

2020 Voice Magazine Community Award Nominee; 2020 Local Legend Award; 2019 Highest Honor Award – Mayor of Harbel/Unification City Liberia; 2019 High Honor Award-Harbel Multi Lateral High School-Liberia; 2019 commencement speaker in Liberia. Boyd is a very proud US Navy Honorably Discharged, Honorman Award Recipient and Disabled Veteran;2019 commencement speaker in Liberia.

Boyd Morson is a very proud US Navy Honorably Discharged, Honorman Award Recipient and Disabled Veteran that served the US citizenry and this country. Boyd enjoys spending his off time with his family and grandson.that served the US citizenry and this country. Boyd’s  overall mission, goal, and objective is to continue to unite people and positively impact and change the lives of others deserving and need.

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