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Frances Johnson


Pastor Frances Johnson has given her life to Human Services;

Forty-one years in Clergy, fifteen years to Socio-Community Services in Ramsey County, St. Paul Minnesota, and Anchorage, Alaska Municipality; Youth Employment Director at Aquatic Jimmy Lee Recreation Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, Coordinator of the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation in Anchorage Alaska and also  Coordinator of the “Northernmost U.S. Monument to Dr. Martin Lutrher King Jr. in Anchorage, Alaska. Pastor  Johnson has served as a Radio Presenter at 24.7 WCUW Internet Radio.

Pastor Johnson is also a graduate of the “Restorative/Meditation Circle” Training and “Prepared/Enrichment (STABILIZE)” Training. She is the founder of Sonset Ministries, Inc. She received a “Doctorate of Divinity” at the Prayer Tabernacle Ministries, Inc. Portland Oregon. She was also, affirmed Lady Apostle to the Christian Heritage Global Clergy Family in April of 2020  Clearwater, Florida. She is affiliated with “Fountain of Life Outreach Ministeries, Inc.; International Fellowship of Charismatic Churches World Wide, Inc., Chicopee, Massachusetts and, Christ Gospel International, Inc. in Jeffersonville, Kentucky. Pastor Johnson has been married for over twenty-eight years with a combined family of three daughters, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad to Russia.

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