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Restorative Justice Circle Mediation Training

Your DVD materials are enclosed for Enjoy the Ride:  46 hour Restorative Justice Circle Mediation Training: the movie series enrollment on, November 1, 2023, ,All Saints Day.  We propose to hold our classes and workshops virtually and at the Family Innocence headquarters, 1069 South Robert Street, West St. Paul, Minnesota 55118, including providing the manual and viewing the edu-film, Enjoy the Ride, a six season, several episodes/education modules— a  revolutionary way to teach and learn. www.Familycourt.comThe restorative justice circle mediation process ultimately teaches participants a method of communication that can be implemented anywhere in their lives and resolve any conflict peacefully. 

What is Family Innocence? Family Innocence is a private, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to keeping families out of court: resolving conflicts and injustices peacefully

Restorative Justice Circle Mediation Training for Family. Family Innocence has developed and custom designed a faith-based course entitled “Restorative Justice Circle Mediation Training”, a 46- hour course, which included Domestic Abuse Issues Training, for anyone interested in conflict resolution and peacemaking. 

The course was certified by the Alternative Dispute Resolution, Supreme Court, Judicial Branch for 46 hours of training, Family Law Facilitative /Hybrid and Domestic Abuse Issues training; and for 42 credit hours in continuing legal education credits.  The training may qualify for credit hours in other realms as well. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for the Family Innocence and Family Court. Com roster.

Family Innocence’s intention is to create a new lifestyle, a new mainstream, “the new norm”, where individuals in conflict with the support of Family Innocence Facilitators “start a circle,” rather than unnecessarily involving law enforcement, lawyers and courts in their lives. Our ultimate goal is to continue to teach and implement a restorative system in the home and family communities.

See one, do one, teach one.  The participants learn and are fully equipped to implement restorative circles and the peacemaking dialogue in their own homes and other communities, and can facilitate circles for family members and others that seek assistance from them or from Family Innocence. 

Cost.  Donation of $1,599, check payable to Family Innocence, a 501c3 nonprofit, 1069 South Robert Street, West St. Paul, Minnesota 55118

All my best,

Michelle MacDonald, Founder and Volunteer President, direct 612-554-0932

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