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Benedictus Ombuna

Heart Attack in Family Court Benedictus Ombuna is to Family Innocence like Mahatma Ghandi is to the India. “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” Benedictus’ tragic custody case inspired his attorney, Michelle MacDonald in a prayer for almost-saint Pope John Paul II to intercede for a miracle family court. And when Benedictus testified he was confirmed by Pope John Paul II, MacDonald’s conviction to eliminate court for families was sealed. Originally from Kenya Africa, Benedictus’ mother was going to be a nun, and his father was going to be a priest, until they met, married, and had 16 children. Benedictus believes family court must have originally developed for good purpose, now corrupted. Benedictus, a nurses aid, walks to work, and lived a simple life with his family, having no idea about of the court’s control until a wrongful custody order took his son from him after his ex-wife died. The order was reversed, and the Judge removed himself, but the family court “win” left his family in ruins. b.ombuna@yahoo.com 651-246-2876

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