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Dr. Carrie Ryan Gustafson

Post Dramatic Stress in Family Court Dr. Carrie Ryan Gustafson is a psychologist who feels that victims of domestic violence are victimized again in Family Court, and that most families use family court to air issues more appropriate in family counseling. As a member of Family Innocence, Dr. Ryan is dedicated to counseling individuals and families, particularly those in abusive relationships, to stay as far away from the family court system as legally possible. She believes that victims of domestic violence are often victimized again in divorce proceedings. Her vision for Family Innocence is to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental place that provides education, support, and enrichment for couples and families in all stages of their life; from pre-marital to post-divorce. She believes that keeping families out of court begins before they say “I Do”. Carrie hasfirst husband, and a son with her second. carrie@centerforhopehelpandhealing.com

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