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Joshua Hare

Enjoy the Ride – Breaking the Cycle of Divorce. It’s a separated family reunion as Joshua Hare and his father, Ran, team up with Jeff James to play for Family Innocence, as Joshua’s mother, and extended family, including aunt Theresa and grandparents, proudly watch. Joshua Hare was in grade school when his parents divorced, commuting between two states. Michelle remembered Joshua’s song bird voice in the high school choir, when he asked her to represent him in court, which she did pro bono, inviting the Judge and prosecutor to hear him sing for The Family Innocence in February, and again today. Joshua’s songs, including “Enjoy The Ride” have been recorded for Family Innocence by Elliot Johnston of Tone-Farm.com, along with plans for a music video production. Joshua, homeless when he met Michelle, has found a home with FIP. www.JeffJamesMusic.comwww.Tone-Farm.com

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