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Michael Mulcahy

Mediating Your Divorced Parents – Breaking the Cycle. Attorney Michelle MacDonald almost ran over a jogger when she stopped to ask for directions, on her way to a mediation session with her client, The jogger, Michael Mulcahy, apologized for not being able to help, telling her he was student taking mediation classes. That’s when Michelle told him about Family Innocence, which Mike, a law student, wholeheartedly supports. Since his parents divorced, Mike, from New Mexico, and the oldest of 3 children, has been mediating his parents’ issues, like dividing holidays. Mike is a qualified neutrals under Rule 114 and, if Michelle has her way, will spread the bird around the country to break the cycle of dividing families, who are still “family,” despite a separation. mmulcahy01@hamlineuniversity.com 814-769-1527.

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