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S1,E1. ENJOY THE RIDE:RESTORATIVE JUSTICE CIRCLE Mediation Training – the movie that teaches you how to resolve, albeit, disappear,  conflict (Don’t go to family court. Go to  www.familycourt.com to watch episodes of Enjoy the Ride for free).  Here is the first episode that was released on Easter to a select few…

Spread the bird!

Coming soon! Familycourt.com is a site dedicated to  abolishing court for families. Our motto:  Don’t go to Family Court, go to Familycourt.com !  Our world, and yours, is full of conflicts to resolve, conflicts that strain and drain us both financially and emotionally. If not you, who?  If not now, when?  Learn how to resolve your own conflicts, or help others resolve theirs, or become a qualified restorative justice mediator by participating in  Enjoy the Ride: Restorative Justice Circle Mediation Training –  the movie. While the sitcom, Cheers, was set in a bar,  in this 6 season entertaining Edu-film, you will enjoy the ride in a classroom. One of the most important skills that you have to learn in life is conflict resolution: how to resolve a conflict.  How to restore or reconcile a strained or broken relationship – or you’re going to spend a lot of your life miserable. How to resolve conflict at work? in your marriage? if your a parent with children? How to resolve conflict with friends, in the community, at church, in a small group, literally everywhere.  Here’s the problem: nobody ever taught you. Nobody.  Until now.  Enjoy the Ride! call Michelle MacDonald at 612-554-0932 to arrange to audit portions of the course, or become a certified Restorative Justice Circle Mediator through Family Innocence.

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